The Collectable Corner Modular Maison – MOC by Dita Svelte

The Collectable Corner Modular Maison nuova mod by Dita Svelte:

Where do ordinary minifigs buy those delectable, collectable accessories? Why, at the Modular Maison, of course!
The Modular Maison features three connected levels – ground floor boutique, first floor apartment, and architect’s office on the penthouse level, as well as a wealth of detail including a small coffee shop, flower seller and even a local Lothario!

This converted 19th century building has been recently renovated by Ernesto the architect to accommodate the minifig maison. The addition of a double-glazed glass office on the top adds to the commercial value of the building without detracting from the heritage streets cape.

My most detailed modular yet, featuring a full interior. Follow the flickrstream or view the set for the inside story.

credits: Dita Svelte

LEGO Collectable Corner - Minifig Maison - Modular MOC


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