Kahuka Koffee – MOC by Andrew Tate

The Kahuka Koffee (by Andrew Tate) é un’altra fantastica MOC trovata in giro per il Web.

Reputo la struttura esterna molto interessante applicando le tecniche di costruzione anche ad altri edifici.

The Kahuka Koffee official description

Stop by Kahuka’s Koffee for a coffee on this busy city street!

It’s taken a few months or so to put this together and it’s inspired by many neo-classical and baroque revival building elements. It’s probably as tall as Avenue Saint-Jaques which I made nearly 5 years ago – how time fly’s! There is of course some similarities but I’ve taken on what I’ve learned and acquired (Bricks) since then to try and make a more detailed and textured facade. I was particularly keen to include a rounded roof, balconies, circular windows and plenty of arches.

Other than the ground floor (Said in the UK) which houses a coffee shop the rest of the building is hollow. I’ve also slightly modified and updated a streamline delivery van which I made quite a while back.
I guess maybe you could say this is my interpretation of a cafe corner

I’ve called it Kahuka’s Koffee as there is a subtle hint to one of my favorite Lego themes in the facade.

credits: Andrew Tate

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