Art Déco Gas Station by Norton74

Oggi torniamo con un’altra incredibile e bellissima moc di Norton74.
Già in passato abbiamo parlato di alcune delle sue creazioni come lHot Dog Stand, il Mooneyes Headquarters e, per finire,  pochi giorni fa il fantastico B59 Blacktron Armoured Carrier.

La moc di oggi é una magnifica riproduzione di una stazione di servizio con officina e diner annessi. Personalmente adoro lo stile anni 50/60 utilizzato, chiudendo gi occhi sembra di ripercorrere la mitica Route66.

Vi lasciamo al commento originale dell’autore della moc e alle immagini, buon divertimento

descrizione ufficiale di Norton74:

Fill ‘er up!

My latest build is a jump into the glory days of gas stations, when full service and free oil changes were the rule and the local station was a gathering place for neighbors.
My brick-built gas station is inspired to the Shell one located in Tucson (Arizona) and it’s packed with every details you’d expect to find.
It showcases an elegant Art Déco architecture completed with curved corners, a tower in the middle, a red outline all around the station and the inevitable Shell writing on top.
The build is three in one: the diner on the left, the garage/workshop on the right and the fully-equipped store located in the middle of the building.
A look at the back of the station reveals the three locations with many details and the different characters.
Outside there are two period gas pump with a beautiful Lego shell on top under a curved canopy. All around you can find tanks, signs, tyres and other stuff.
To complete the work I’ve built a red stepside pick-up truck, a tan Hot Rod and a reddish-brown roadster with some troubles (it’s housed in the garage indeed).
It was on my wishlist long since and finally I’ve found the time to built it as I had in my mind.

Thanks for stopping by.

Art Déco Gas Station

Art Déco Gas Station

Art Déco Gas Station | back view

Art Déco Gas Station | top view

Art Déco Gas Station | the store

Art Déco Gas Station | the diner

Art Déco Gas Station | the garage

Blocks # 39 - January 2018 - featuring the Art Déco Gas Station

credits: norton74 


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