Minifigures: The Watchmen

The Watchmen sono i protagonisti dell’omonima miniserie a fumetti di Alan Moore e Dave Gibbons, vincitrice di un premio Hugo. (fonte wikipedia).

descrizione ufficiale del creatore delle minifigs realizzate:

da sx a dx:

  • Doctor Manhattan: Ok, so this is probably my least favorite out of all of the bunch, maybe even my least favorite custom I’ve made. I don’t really have any other parts that would work, but I couldn’t forget him becuase then The Watchmen wouldn’t be complete. I used Cad Bane’s head and a blank blue torso, along with black hips and plain blue legs.
  • Silk Spectre: Brown ponytail hair piece, Hermione Granger head, Batman torso (reversed), and Dolphin Batman legs with black hips.
  • Ozymandias: Not entirely based off of the movie/comic look, just my own version. I made him with Mr. Incredible’s hair, Luke Skywalker’s head, Wonder Twins neck thingy, golden armor piece thing (I honestly don’t know what to name things sometimes 😂), Calculator’s torso, and Atlantean Guard legs.
  • The Comedian: Percival Graves hair, Iron man head, Robo swat torso, red and blue dual molded arms, blank black torso, Black Widow legs, and a hunting rifle.
  • Rorsarch: Indiana Jones hat, Asajj Ventress head (Reversed), white neck tie piece, brown backpack, Deputron torso (Reversed), and Catwoman legs.
  • Nite Owl: Catman mask, Lobster Batman head, Gamora torso (Reversed), brown cape, Han Solo hips, and Misako legs.

A questo link qualche informazione in più dei personaggi (credits wikipedia)

credits: Colby Custom

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