Colide: Sprint model

Lego moc car supercar
Lego moc car supercar

Torniamo a parlare di automobili con questo progetto molto interessante che é anche su Ideas.

Descrizione dell’autore:
Colide is a fictional car company and Sprint is a model you now see. I named it “Colide” (of course I know it’s with 2 L’s) because it sounded cool to me. To me it is a more dramatic expression of putting parts together. Sprint as the name of the model emphasises speed. I made this model with future in mind, not only with it’s shape but also with it’s features – like fuel for example. Everything opens and it even has some modular functions. Each picture is marked with a number so I can easily point out some features.

per ulteriori fotografie e dettagli andate a questo link e votate il progetto.

credits: Vibor Cavor

Colide / Sprint

Sprint views

Luggage compartment

Sprint view

Sprint view

Engine compartment



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