Lava House

Lego case house modular building
Lego case house modular building

Una magnifica casa dallo stile anni ’70 é quello che oggi vi presentiamo.

Descrizione ufficiale:

Lava House is a modern home with a colour scheme inspired by the 1970’s and hot lava. Dark orange, dark red, reddish brown and black are dominant colours.
The house is situated on a volcano shaped rock surrounded by a stream of water and sand. In some way it reminds me of Calmwater Cliff House MOC, but it is still very different.
Inside the house you find a fully furnished living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom downstairs and TV corner upstairs.
The grille tiled roof can easily be lifted off in order to display the interior.
My plan is to display Lava House at a Swebrick exhibition in Hässleholm, Sweden, in the middle of August 2018.

credits: Sarah Beyer

Lava House MOC interior display

Lava House MOC ground floor house plan

Lava House MOC interior

Lava House MOC V

Lava House MOC IV

Lava House MOC VI

Lava House MOC TV corner

Lava House MOC bedroom

Lava House MOC kitchen slightly from above

Lava House MOC Living room and windows


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