Farmacia / Pharmacy

Peedeejay! ci presenta questo modulare che si sviluppa su ben quattro livelli: al piano terra é ubicata l’ampia farmacia, al primo piano l’ufficio e lo studio del farmacista. Negli ultimi due piani il proprietario ha ricavato un elegante appartamento.

Descrizione ufficiale /official description: 

Some first timers for me. First time to design a model with Studio and not LDD. Moreover first time to build a modular with 4 instead of 3 floors.
The lowest level features a pharmacy where minifigs can get everything for their well-being.
One level above a shrink has his office. Apparently the guy from the casino who lost a lots of hard earned studs is here to do something against his gambling addiction. As soon as he lays down he can no longer hold himself back. The shrink however only looks at the clock above him to ensure maximum profit.
The shrinks profit goes into the two upper level where he turned the old apartment into a fancy looking one including an island kitchen and a jacuzzi.

Building instructions are available! Please check:…

credits: peedeejay!

Pharmacy Modules

Pharmacy Lowest Level

Pharmacy Middle Level

Pharmacy Middle Level

Pharmacy Upper Level

Pharmacy Roof Level

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