The Bakery

Welcome to the year 1890; Electricity makes its way into the cities and also in this corner where the baker’s guild was established, a very important place in the neighborhood for neighbors and merchants.
Here the distribution points of the products are established. It is a place of a lot of activity with horse-drawns merchants and buyers.
The Building:
-It consists of four heights.

1-Basement 1: In it we find the wooden reserve to feed the fireplaces of the building
Basement 2: A secret apple juice manufacturing warehouse, with a secret entrance

                           on the outside and another in a trapdoor inside the bakery.
2- Ground floor 1: Access to the upper and lower floor.
Lower floor 2: Here we find the bakery, with large oven, table work, bags and boxes of supplies to
                           make bread and wood for the oven among other things .
3-Floor 1: On this floor we will see a peaceful reading place, with books and comfortable sofas,
                     Library, a warm fireplace for tea and a large clock.
4-Floor 2: A cozy fireplace and a bed to sleep peacefully is what we will see
                    On this floor, also two large terraces to enjoy the views of the city.
The minifigures and accessories:
8 minifigures and 2 horse-drawn accompany this set with different functionality with black and white horses.
Regarding the minifigures we will see:
-Man with black bowler hat
-Baker and carriage driver with bowler
-Child with a cap
-Woman with umbrella
-Woman in black dress
-Man with scarf
-Man in black tie and vest.

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