The Art House

today’s LEGO IDEAS: The Art House

Official description:

With three floors of innovative spaces for arts of all kinds, the #Legoarthouse is sure to keep creativity flowing in your Lego City!
Built on a 32×32 baseplate, this Lego Ideas model is a fantastic celebration of the arts that will fit right into your Lego city. It is to the same scale as the official Lego Creator Expert Modulars, and has technic bricks in all the right places so it can connect to official sets in that line.
Practice dancing, acting or martial arts on the spacious ground floor, packed with a writer’s desk with lamp, working cat flap, mirror, hat stand, floristry area, “ART” mosaic and post box.
Drive the world’s finest seven stud wide convertible, fitting you, a friend and some art supplies all in time for the big show! Park atop the “ART” mosaic and meet your friend on her vintage motorcycle!
Enjoy the neon signage, designed by one of the resident artists inside the art house. Or pop out the windows to convert the art house from a linear to corner build, allowing it to be adapted to your very own Lego city! It can even function as the end of a block of buildings.

Remove each floor to reach the detailed interior, or pull out the side panels. Admire the mix of modern and retro architecture with a set that will look as good from the back as it does from the front!

Climb the modern glass stairs into the new-build extension of the classic 70’s Arthouse, discovering an opening piano and recording studio. Sit at the control panel and engineer the next number 1 hit single! Or admire the awards that the varying artists at the Arthouse have won over the years!

Climb again to the second floor, finding an artist’s hangout complete with easel, canvas, bed and lava lamp, as well as artsy posters.

Enjoy the sculpture garden on the rooftop, and try your hand at pottery with the inbuilt kiln that fits in the old chimney. The kiln is heated using power from the solar panels atop the Arthouse.
Play the vintage record player and enjoy your favourite tunes whilst writing, dancing, learning, painting, sculpting, editing, playing or designing.
Practice woodwork on the roof, or floristry outside. Try your hand at yoga, or painting, or holding a microphone or saxophone in the recording studio!
Feed the Arthouse cat, but don’t let her sneak in any fish from the back through the cat flap!
Organise events or write the next big novel or screenplay at the Writer’s desk.
Admire the mix of retro and modern architecture shown off in the Arthouse, using it as inspiration for a sculpture or painting.

Including seven minifigures: Singer Teddy – Guitarist Judy – Writer Laurence – Sculptor Bill – Ballet instructor Sasha – Painter Jim – Florist Andy

Designed in February 2019, this project kept receiving updates by the creator, Grumblebricks (me) as I moved from place to place in the real world. Other projects came and went in between then and now, but I am finally ready to reveal what I think might be my best creation to-date, the Lego Art House!

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credits: Lego Ideas – grumblebricks

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