General Store

Official description by Norton74

General Stores were very common in the US back in the 18th and 19th century, especially in rural areas or in small towns. Actually, there are few of them along old nearly-forgotten interstate highways, they are like old treasures to preserve. Their main feature was carrying a general line of merchandise to remote populated places where mobility was limited and a single shop was sufficient to service the entire community. In the early twentieth century general stores often sold gasoline too.
My latest diorama represents a classic general store depicted in a sixties scene somewhere in the heart of America with many elements easy to spot back then.
The old white-bearded man sitting in his rocking chair keeps watch carefully who arrives helped by his loyal dog. On the left a little shop for quick repairs equipped with different utensils. All around I added many details like the water tower, the phone box, the gas pump and so on.
It was very funny building this and even more catching the details to insert via period pictures spotted on the web. Hope you like it!

Thanks and credit to builders Markus Rollbühler and César Soaresfor inspiring me with their beautiful “Of Rust and Gasoline” and “General Store”.

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