Mach Patrol

Run and fly with Haran Banjo’s famous Mach Patrol from Daitarn 3 anime. This fantastic car can be transformed into a jet, from which you can even fly the unbeatable giant robot Daitarn 3. You can transform this Mach Patrol from car mode to jet mode without having to add or remove even a piece.
I created this set because I have always loved the Daitarn 3 anime, and I find the Mach Patrol wonderful, and I love its simple but effective idea of transformation. The Mach Patrol has a gorgeous design in both automobile and airplane modes.
I think this fantastic vehicle could make a great Lego set, both for those who already know the anime, and for those who have yet to discover it, and I’m sure they will love it. Personally I would buy two, so I could expose it in both ways.

credits: Lego Ideas

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