Car Workshop

23 Dicembre 2019 WorldWideBrick 0

This is the first moc of builder. The result is great. It started of when he planned to build ‘something’ to house his Lego Speed Champions! Siamo davanti alla prima moc del builder ed il risultato é ottimo. È iniziato quando ha pianificato di costruire […]

Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy Villains

22 Dicembre 2019 WorldWideBrick 0

To go along with the heroes, here are the villains I made from the Prequel trilogy. I made Maul from The Phantom Menace, Count Dooku and Jango Fett from Attack of the Clones, and Chancellor Palpatine and General Grievous from Revenge of the Sith. Non […]

Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy Heroes

21 Dicembre 2019 WorldWideBrick 0

Here are 5 of my prequel trilogy protagonists I’ve made in the past year or so. It’s almost been a year since I made my TPM figures, but I only made Qui-Gon then. For Attack of the Clones I made Padme, and then for Revenge […]

European Jazz Café

16 Dicembre 2019 WorldWideBrick 0

Today we have a very interesting moc. It is the alternative to the Lego Set 10255. Instructions are available on Rebrickable. credits: Inyong Lee        

It’s time for Santa Claus to go!

11 Dicembre 2019 WorldWideBrick 0

Like every year at this time Santa Claus has to get to work, children all over the world are waiting for him. In my latest diorama you can see Santa Claus leaving his red cabin at the North Pole to get on his sleigh pulled […]

Lego Police station

Police station

10 Dicembre 2019 WorldWideBrick 0

When peedeejay! asked his son what he should build and of course, the answer was: A police station! 😉 So here it is. Outside the police station you can see Ace Brickmann trying to get new information on a lead from a police woman (or […]

Hong Kong House

7 Dicembre 2019 WorldWideBrick 0

A refabrication of the Hong Kong-style tenement house (tong lau) which was built for an event last year. This time, effort was put onto re-creation of traditional ordinary local streetscape: convenience store, cha chaan teng, signboards, A/C outdoor units, drying racks, etc. Illegal structures at […]