Beautifull Persian-themed Moc by Chris

15 Febbraio 2016 WorldWideBrick 0

by Chris “This is my favorite MOC thus far. 99% of its parts came from multiple copies of several Prince of Persia set that I purchased at a ridiculously low price. It started out as a restaurant, but ended up looking more like a Persian-themed night […]

Western town – MOC by marshal banana

12 Febbraio 2016 WorldWideBrick 0

Oggi gironzolando per la rete mi sono imbattuto in questa bellissima mod by marshal banana: “A classic late Western town designed for the eurobricks spaghetti western contest. My goal was to create a believable and detailed street with the most important buildings for this theme.” marshal […]

The Modular Bank

11 Febbraio 2016 WorldWideBrick 0

Modular Bank nuova mod by Dita Svelte: Detail view of the top floor. I took inspiration from Art Nouveau architecture. The nougat floor actually contains the banker’s office, sadly never photographed! (I like to think Instead of cash, the banker’s office contains 10 x MISB […]

The Cocoa Hotel – MOC by Andrew Tate

8 Febbraio 2016 WorldWideBrick 0

The Cocoa Hotel, un’altra fantastica MOC, un hotel in Miami Style by Andrew Tate The Cocoa Hotel Here is my latest creation, the Cocoa hotel. I was inspired by old postcards depicting holiday sight and scenes. These were not always the most realistic but portrayed locations in […]