Orange Beach House

30 Giugno 2019 WorldWideBrick 0

Estate, tempio i vacanze e mare da trascorrere in una magnifica villa sul mare, come quella che ci presenta betweenbrickwalls, con questa meravigliosa moc. La casa si sviluppa su due livelli e si affaccia direttamente sulla spiaggia. Descrizione ufficiale: Orange Beach House MOC is a comfortable […]

Beautifull Persian-themed Moc by Chris

15 Febbraio 2016 WorldWideBrick 0

by Chris “This is my favorite MOC thus far. 99% of its parts came from multiple copies of several Prince of Persia set that I purchased at a ridiculously low price. It started out as a restaurant, but ended up looking more like a Persian-themed night […]

Modular Townhouse by Kyle Emmerson

2 Febbraio 2016 WorldWideBrick 0

Clickit Graphic Design Office – Modular Townhouse by Kyle Emmerson Designed to fit alongside existing modular buildings, this particular design is based on Victorian London townhouses and has been converted into modern offices for a graphic design company. The building Includes a reception, mail room, design […]