Monde Cinema lego Moc by Andrew Tate

Un cinema un pò particolare, interni molto ben curati; il tutto in stile “Art Deco”.

descrizione dell’autore Andrew Tate:

My latest creation is the Monde (Roughly means World in French) Cinema.

It’s inspired by 1920/30’s Egyptian/Mayan styled Art deco cinema’s.
It took quite a while to come up with the right scale and layout, I looked at a lot of reference material online and in books before deciding what to do. The grand Rex in Paris was my biggest influence on proportions (My interior is nothing like the real one!) I wanted a full height lobby and a reasonably imposing height from the exterior. I decided to have the auditorium against the street rather than at the back, I thought it would give me an opportunity to put a large sign on the front and also to give me access at the back of the building. There is a bar downstairs which I thought would break up the exterior a little and also make the auditorium better scaled.

I set myself several goals on this project;

Working brick built doors and brick built windows.

A floor pattern in the lobby rather than my usual tiled floor.

It’s taken several months to complete this project.


Credits and more photos on flick album (Cinema Monde)

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