Swoosh one mark 1

Più che un’astronave ci sembra un cacci interstellare in stile Lego Space questa moc  creata da prof.wojs,

descrizione originale tratta dal profilo di prof.wojs,

a small vessel for one purpose only – swoosh through the galaxy
don’t worry about complaints during your journey. there’s only one seat.
ean back, enjoy the stars and go for it.
no baggage, no guns. just you and the mysterious star sucking diamond engine with THREE diamonds. wow.
finally after so a long time on my shelf and then after an even longer time on my hard drive, the swoosh one made it here.
the idea was to build an alternative to Benny’s Spaceship! 70816 and only using it’s parts and of course making it swooshable.
the stud.io model is as complete as stud.io will allow. I will upload it on rebrickable.com. Still working on the instructions.

update – the rebrickable page: rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-12168/wojs/swoosh-one-mark-i/

credits: prof.wojs

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