145 Boulevard Station

Oggi vi presentiamo un altro progetto di BrickyBricks, una stazione ferroviaria sopraelevata con annesso un negozio di alimentari ed un laboratorio di falegnameria; al piano superiore troviamo degli alloggi di piccole dimensioni.

Descrizione ufficiale del progetto:

A place well traveled by the minifigures, many of them use it every day to go to work or go to school. An elevated station that allows to see the amplitude of the city from another perspective.
The station is located in front of a building that was built during the same period to take advantage of the passage space of the most important transport line in the city.
In the basement of the building we will find a food store where travelers and neighbors make their usual purchases and on the same floor, inside the building we will see a carpenter doing great wonders with the wood.
n the upper floors we will find two bedrooms two kitchens a Wc and a personal computer over the table.

The set also includes the 6 minifigures that we see in the photographs: a policeman, a shopkeeper, a young girl, a young boy, a package delivery man and a carpenter girl

Buon divertimento e votate il progetto.

credits: Lego Ideas & BrickyBricks


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