Altoforno (Blast Furnace)

Dopo questa magnifica area industriale Ymarilego ha riprodotto un altoforno o fornace in maniera spettacolare. Come sempre i dettagli sono incredibili, vi lasciamo alla desc dizione ufficiale e alle immagini:

I built a big blast furnace a while ago, based on Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord (Germany) and Horno Alto 1 de Altos Hornos de Vizcaya (Spain), and quite a few people asked for instructions to build it. That model has about 13k bricks, far too much for LEGO Ideas, so  I decided to make a smaller version.

That meant, reducing size and scale, simplifying,  removing 10k bricks, but still trying to keep most parts of the process  available.  I hope you like the result 🙂

How does a blast furnace work?

I hope I understood the process correctly but please excuse any errors on my part. In short:

  • Raw materials (iron ore, cokes, limestone) are hauled up a ramp in a container by a winch. The contents are then dropped into the furnace/oven.
  • The hot blast is directed into the furnace through nozzles near the base. The hot blast temperature can be from 900 °C to 1300 °C (1600 °F to 2300 °F)
  • The melting produces hot gasses which are collected on the top of the furnace and transported to a dustcollector/scrubber to remove the particles.
  • The collected dust is transported away by truck.
  • The remaining gas is re-used as fuel for the hot air towers.
  • At the base of the furnace are two exits. The slightly higher located one is to extract the waste product, the slag. This flows into a slag ladle for further transport. Slag is often used for driveways.
  • The lower located exit is used for the molten iron which flows to the torpedo wagon. It is then transported to an iron mill for further processing.

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credits: Ymarilego

Blast furnace real built 1

blast furnace


blast furnace 3

blast furnace top view

Blast furnace real built 2


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