Coral House

Lego Coral House
Lego Coral House

Torniamo ad occuparci di abitazioni con questa magnifica ed elegante casa.

Descrizione ufficiale:

Coral House MOC is a contemporary home with influences from both modernism and industrial style. It is located in tropical surroundings and has a colour scheme inspired by the snake that gave house its name.

The main house body is mainly built with reddish brown grille bricks, trans-clear panels and plated walls in tan, reddish brown, dark red and black. One of the plated walls “fold over” the house to form a roof. One vertical and two horizontal and white cuboids are built with SNOT technique and attached to the main house body to achieve contrast.
The ground floor hosts an open plan living room and kitchen, a calm corner with sea view, a bedroom and a spacious bathroom. Upstairs you find a room with sofa and chess corner, a small bathroom and a roof terrace.

credits: Sarah Beyer

Coral House MOC I

Coral House MOC II

Coral House MOC slightly from above

Coral House MOC IV

Coral House MOC. Coming inside from the terrace.

Coral House MOC chess room from above

Coral House MOC entrance seen from top of stairs

Coral House MOC kitchen from above

Coral House MOC bedroom in sunlight

Coral House MOC bathtub

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