Vanilla House

Vanilla House Lego moc modular building

Per gli amanti ti dell’architettura eccovi un’altra bellissima casa realizzata da Sarah Beyer.

descrizione ufficiale:

Vanilla House is a modern home with two floors. The ground floor house body is tan coloured and shaped like an “L”. This is cut through by an inverted “L” consisting of many small plates in tan, dark tan, DBG, LBG and black.
Downstairs you find a kitchen, TV-lounge and bathroom. A black, floating staircase leads to the bedroom upstairs. The bedroom has glass walls to let in the light. The roof offers shadow.
The geometrical shapes inspired me to start building this MOC. In some way it is like a puzzle game.

credits: Sarah Beyer

Vanilla House MOC front

Vanilla House MOC parted

Vanilla House MOC wooden deck

Vanilla House MOC bedroom overview

Vanilla House MOC. Kitchen in morning light.

Vanilla House MOC. Sunset stairs.

Vanilla House MOC. TV-lounge.

Vanilla House MOC. Bathroom interior.

Vanilla House MOC tree corner

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