LEGO Starcraft Diorama

Per gli amanti della serie di videogame StarCraft vi proponiamo questo immenso e magnifico diorama.

descrizione ufficiale:

After 3 long years of hard work designing, redesigning and finally building, we are proud share our ‘LEGO StarCraft’ collaborative build, which was first shown at Brickworld Chicago.
We had a team of amazing builders from United States, Canada, Belgium and Norway to help to piece this all together. We hope you take a moment to look at all the detail shots, units, battles, and skermishes in the collaboratives group here:

Also don’t forget to check out the video on Youtube!
Seriously, it has been a blast working and learning from all of the individuals involved. Without every last one of them, this wouldn’t have happened. Thanks again, and we hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as we have! ūüėÄ

Fun Facts:

The display is roughly 14 feet long. About 5 more feet than our original plans.
It took a whole day to set up this entire display.
There are far too many parts to count, but the landscape itself, collapsed down, takes up two 1.5 cubic foot boxes.
Not all our builders could make it to Chicago – so contributions were shipped in from San Francisco and as far as Belgium.
The smallest units were always the hardest to design.
The Humble Marine had the most number of design changes over 3 years.

credits: StarCraft: A Lego Microscale CollaborationSimon Liu

StarCraft Banner

Main Zerg Base

Starcraft - Protoss

Starcraft: Terran

LEGO Starcraft

LEGO Starcraft

LEGO Starcraft

LEGO Starcraft


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