NeapoliTim minifig

Noi della redazione amiamo particolarmente le minifigures e ne collezioniamo molte. Oggi ci siamo imbattuti in questa magnifica minifigures realizzata  da Craig Kyle. Peccato che sia out of stock 🙁

Qui di seguito la descrizione ufficiale del prodotto.



NeapoliTim is the first original custom toy character created by Craig Kyle. Made for both collecting and play this limited edition custom minifigure was handcrafted and pad printed by the extraordinary talents at Citizen Brick.

Product Details:

NeapoliTim comes in a 3.5-ounce mini ice cream pint, signed by Craig Kyle.
Minifigure and accessories are all 100% genuine LEGO, pad printed just like official LEGO product, using toy safe medical-grade inks.
Pad Printed Elements include:

  • NeapoliTim Minifigure with 360-degree printing on his Head, Torso, Hips, and Legs.
  • Paper-Style Ice Cream Hat – Pink Pinstriping and “Eat Me!” text x 2.
  • Base Plate Name Stand
  • Tiny Tim Ice Cream Statuette with Citizen Brick Neutral Face.

Unprinted Accessories include:

  • Spoon
  • Ice Cream Cone

Once this figure is sold out it will never be reproduced. This is your first and last chance to own the flagship character of a long and unexpected journey. Thank you for taking the leap.

credits: Lemon Scented Ninja

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