Mach Patrol

19 Maggio 2020 WorldWideBrick 0

Run and fly with Haran Banjo’s famous Mach Patrol from Daitarn 3 anime. This fantastic car can be transformed into a jet, from which you can even fly the unbeatable giant robot Daitarn 3. You can transform this Mach Patrol from car mode to jet […]

General Store

15 Maggio 2020 WorldWideBrick 0

Official description by Norton74 General Stores were very common in the US back in the 18th and 19th century, especially in rural areas or in small towns. Actually, there are few of them along old nearly-forgotten interstate highways, they are like old treasures to preserve. […]

Hogewoerd Leiden

1 Maggio 2020 WorldWideBrick 0

Official description: When I moved to Leiden I noticed one building that I really liked. A couple of years ago I made a first attempt to recreate the building in plastic bricks, but I was never quite happy with it, and demolished it. But every time […]

London Pub

22 Aprile 2020 WorldWideBrick 0

Nothing better than a break after a long day at work. This is a modular representative of a Pub in London with lots of exterior and interior details. It consists of 3 floors and the roof, all of which are separable. Instructions: credits: Alexis […]